Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tales OF the Gingerbread House

Five years ago we bought our house for back taxes. Marc's great aunt and uncle owned it before us. Apparently the woman was an obsessive painter because all of the wood work in the entire house has at least 10 coats of paint on it.

I've come to realize since starting the renovations in Leia's future bedroom that paint wasn't the only thing she used in excess. I have pulled out 100's of nails from the walls and floor. I am so not exagerating either. Just when I think I got them all I find 3 more. I think instead of hanging up the wallpaper the conventional way (with paste) they just nailed it on and just let time adhere it to the wall. I never in a million years would have considered this an option, but man is it stuck good. Anytime i try to peel any off all i get is pieces about the size of a quarter. Good thing I already suspected this and opted to wallpaper over it instead of painting it.

Marc has been spending sometime in our attic crawl spaces lately rewiring the upstairs. Yesterday he brought down this tiny little child's boot that he found. It wouldn't be THAT unusual except for the fact that his Aunt and Uncle (who built the house and lived in it until us) never had any children. His Aunt wasn't the most sane person, so I can only guess what it's doing up there. Shortly after we moved in we found this crazy letter in the basement. I can't remember what all it said but it was basically a letter to her dead husband's ghost to leave her alone. This might have freaked me out more if I didn't have to deal with mice those are scary.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post #1

So here's my first post on my new blog. I usually blog on myspace but I thought I'd give a real blogging site a try. Unfortunately I don't always have time to post so you'll see my blogs being few and far between.

Someone (you know who you are) keeps telling me that she thinks my blogs are hilarious. So with that in mind I will do my best to keep you all peeing your pants with laughter. Hey, it shouldn't be too hard with 3 kids, and a hyper dog and husband. Life around here is usually pretty entertaining.

I feel I should give everyone fair warning that my keyboard sucks and any typos that appear are it's fault and not my own. Now with that said, shall we begin?