Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Nine Months
Fun Facts:
LOVES Cheerios
The cutest baseball spectator ever
*I know I say that every month. But she really is the happiest baby I've ever seen*
Ready to take off!
*she's doing the hands and knees rock*
Professional Attention Getter!
19 lbs. 8 oz. (62%), 29½ inches (96%), 45 cm head (45%)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Mama Files: Paint

So I have ideas coming out my ears for the new house.
***Hurry up lawyers!***
I'm a person who can visualize things very very easily (it was passed down to me from my mother). In my head I have my first 2 smallish painting projects all figured out and I am itching to get in there and get to work (instead of this boring job of sorting and packing boxes).
Have I mentioned I'm very goal oriented and not very patient?! :-)
I WAS thinking about painting the dining room beige, don't worry I came to my senses before any paint was purchased! I don't want to ruin all my fun (the big reveal!), but I will tell you this; one room is going to be purple and one orange! :-) Are you scared?! Now don't give me that "you're painting what black?!" look! You'll see, it'll be great! I can't wait to show you...it could be a while though. (Sigh) Hurry up lawyers! I'm ready to move!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Proud? Mothering Moments

1:15 pm "Mom, can I go outside?"- Xavier

1:16 pm "Mom, can I go outside?"- Xavier

1:17 pm "Mom, can I go outside?"- Xavier

1:17 pm "Xavier! Stop pestering! You are like a fly! I want to swat you!!!"- Me

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Start of Something New

Our tentative closing date is June 17th, but our Realtor says it could be as early as June 10th. THAT IS 2-3 weeks from last Friday!
Yikes! I have so much to do!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hush Little Baby- The Leia Version

"When that charming bracelet breaks, mama will buy you a stuffed animal.

When that stuffed animal breaks, mama will buy you a ring.

When that ring's stone pops out, mama will buy you a teddy bear.

When that teddy bear's stuffing comes out, mama will buy you a whole basket of toys.

When that basket and the toys all break.

You're still the sweetest baby in town."

Friday, May 20, 2011

"We so Excited!"

Notice her 2 big teeth?!

*If you follow me on facebook, you may be asking yourself "How many more references can she possibly make about Rebecca Black's song Friday?!".
The answer- at least a couple more! :-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whoo-Hoo Wednesday!

Korleen's thoughts on packing
  • I'm SOOOO glad I'm not pregnant this May!
  • Marc says- Oh, just throw stuff in a box and move it to the other house, no biggie!
  • Beth (Marc's sister) says- Label every box as clearly as possible, for example Garage Left Corner and list what's in the box.
  • I think I'm going with the woman who has moved at least 7 times (I've lost count) in her 5 years of marriage
  • When someone asks you for rights to their well, and you have no use for it anyway, just let them have it! (okay, I know this doesn't really pertain to packing. But it's a good life lesson anyway).
  • We have a lot of stuff.
  • Marc and I agree- This is the last time we're moving ever! (We'll see if God has the same plans).

We only have a tentative closing date so far, so I could be jumping the gun a little. However, it's pretty much a sure thing. Our new well only needs to pass a water test (the old well passed with flying colors, figures!). But the buyer is very cooperative so I think they will work with us even if it doesn't pass the first time.

Friday, May 13, 2011

So What's New?!

Have I mentioned we play a lot of Baseball this time of year?! :-)
Xavier certainly is the cutest 1st baseman I've ever seen though!
This is just a picture of Chub because he's cute too!
We took a trip to Howe Caverns! So. Much. Fun.
"Praying Hands" stalagmite
We have a new (don't get me started) well THAT IS within our property lines! Yipee!
And with that the week is over.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The great World Wide Web

I thought maybe you would like to see what websites I check everyday

Woot -Also woot kids, there's a link to it on woot.

Babysteals -There's also links to kidsteals and scrapbooksteals on this site.

Facebook -because it's one of my main sources of communication. Sad? I don't know. Seems kind of the norm now days.

Maybe Matilda -This one makes me want to dig out my sewing machine everyday.

Remodelaholic -So many ideas, so little gingerbread house.

Yahoo -Email...and actually their little news reel thingy always gets me so I end up reading random things like star gossip or current events. *how else am I supposed to know "who wore it best"?*

Blogger -Sometimes to write something, sometimes to check comments, always to read various blogs I enjoy.

Youtube -I usually end up watching it for various tutorials that I love watching. Or listening to music.

Pandora -I go on here when I have a sink full of dirty dishes to wash.

The end. :-)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some people think that you should hide (shield?) kids from death. I'm not one of those people.

Marc's grandfather died yesterday. His 94th birthday would've been this coming Friday. He used to (up until February) drop by our house bearing all forms of gifts, such as donuts and rotisserie chickens. In fact he is the very man that made the purchase of the Gingerbread House even possible. A few years ago Xavier sent Great Grandpa a letter about how to get to heaven, which helped to soften his heart to Jesus. So my family has many ties to this man other than just blood relation.

I've been fielding all forms of heaven related questions. Some I could answer, some I couldn't, and some I sent to Marc.

"Mom, if I pray and ask God to tell Great Grandpa something will he do it?"

"Mom, is Great Grandpa going to see God or only Jesus in heaven?"

"Mom, how old will Great Grandpa be in heaven?"

"Will he wear clothes in heaven?"

"Great Grandpa will be really happy to see his wife again, huh?"

These are all Xavier quotes. Leia's question mostly consisted of what would happen to Great Grandpa's farm, and where all of his animals were (he hasn't had any since before she was born). Gaius just asked me if Great Grandpa died and then went off to play.

All of their responses are a great window into their souls (and age).

  • Xavier is my big hearted, caring, first born. Who cares deeply for everyone's soul.
  • Leia is my tender hearted, animal lover (she cries when she see the abused animal commercials).
  • Gaius is 4.
My strategy for dealing with difficult situations for my kids is to let them take the lead. Whether or not it is effective is TBD. I answer the questions they ask as simply as possible and if more information is needed then the conversation continues. Lots of times the simple answer is enough...at least for now.

Being a mother is definitely an interesting ride, that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Monday, May 2, 2011

8 Months (and 2 days)

Favorite New Feature: Two teeth
Favorite Form of Transportation: Mama's hip
Favorite Foods: Bananas, peas, and chocolate
Least Favorite Activity: Long car rides
Favorite New Trick: Giving big slobbery kisses
Favorite Toy: Any choking hazard
(For Example: paper, rocks, crayons, tiny toys that don't belong to me...)