Thursday, April 30, 2009

Food for Thought (I will trade these thoughts for... a cup of swiss miss sugarfree pudding)

So I think the blogging hiatus is over. I finished my book series this morning so now life as i once knew it can return to normal. And the gingerbread house is very ready, I've neglected it for far too long. However, since summer is usually a very busy time for me with lots of extra responsibilities, i wouldn't hold my breath for too many entries if I were you. Sorry.

I ran my first softball practice for our church league the other day. I think it went well. i didn't even hear too many complaints about the laps I made them run. Speaking of running....I ran 10 miles throughout last week! And even made Xavier run 2 of them with me. He did pretty well, he ran out of steam after about a mile and a half. But i was still pretty impressed with him. Marc has been running as well (hm...I wonder if that makes us a running family?), which motivates me to run even more. We don't go together because I could never keep up with his pace. (My leg is literally the same length as his arm). Plus we have to take turns watching the kids. I think if I keep up my regiment I'll end up being able to out last him though. Did you know that humans are the only mammals that can run an animal to death? It's true, or at least that's what Nova said...don't worry Marc doesn't believe me either. God actually created us for running with built in air conditioners and all, pretty amazing!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mama Files

So I've been neglecting the Internet lately (sorry fantasy baseball, facebook, twitter, blogger, etc.).

 A lot has been going on but nothing to really report on (only my other mommy friends might understand this statement).  I got my van last's nice I guess, but I'm totally not feeling very cool while driving it (but while driving an old lady buick i managed to keep my coolness intact? Go figure!). Oh well, i guess convenience and space trump coolness.  

My kids are still being hilarious but i don't have the time or memory to chronicle everything. Sometimes I think I should just set up a nanny cam so that you all could get a better perspective on how cute/amazing/adorable my children are. But then the down side would be that you all  would experience how truly weird our little family is....the joking, the butt kicking in Guitar Hero, the piggyback rides through our tiny house...and that's just me and Marc. Sometimes I worry about how our children are going to turn out being surrounded by all this nerdiness...ha! somehow i think they'll survive! 

So anyhow here's my blog about nothing...ENJOY!  

Thursday, April 9, 2009

THRL News Update:

Our last (hopefully for the spring) batch of snow is melting quite nicely!

Xavier will be discharged from speech therapy at the end of this school year!!!! (YAY!!!) I don't think I've ever mentioned that he's been going into the local public school for speech therapy twice a week for the past 2 years. And although it's been a really great experience overall it still cuts out a rather large chunk of our school time. It'll be nice to not have to schedule that in next year, especially since I'll be teaching 2, eeek! (No idea how that's going to work)!

Gaius is asking, pleading, begging me to let him "go potty". I so don't want to be potty training again. I keep resisting just because he's my baby and the whole process is such an ordeal that I just want to put it off for a while longer (see this is what happens when you have 3 kids). But I think I've decided that the training will begin this summer and hopefully be over before September...we shall see.

I'm getting a minivan! It's nothing special, just an older one that my in-laws have hanging around. But it'll be nice to have some extra room and a defroster that works consistently. 

And last but not least! The snow is melting (am i repeating myself?) :-), the sun is shining, and our road is dry so I can get back to my running regiment! (woohoo!)

And I think that completes today's installment. What's up with you?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Leia Speaks:

"Mom we have to change because we can't go to church wearing understated clothes, because that means plain"

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I think...

that my kids could win over any non-child-liking person. Because they're just that cool!
(lately I haven't been able to take a picture without the dog jumping into it...what a weirdo)