Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Last Hurrah

September camping has such a different vibe than June camping. The campground was basically empty the whole week, so we pretty much had the run of the place. But we also were surrounded by retired cranky people that wanted everything to be perfectly peaceful and quiet (not exactly possible with 3 kids and a dog). We still had a lot of fun! And since the beach was closed we could swim anywhere we wanted, which just happened to be about 50 yards from our camper!

Xavier "walking on water"

Our nightly visitor (who was not afraid of anything)

Down time

Gaius was a crazy monkey the whole time. On the last day we were down playing at the beach and Leia and I were cuddling in the towels and he was so upset that the laid down in the shallow water and just sobbed. If it wasn't so stinking cute it would've been really heart breaking.

I HEART this picture of my adorable little kindergartner!

I dont' think Pharaoh Hounds know how to swim, but it sure was fun making him try! As soon as the water reached his belly he would jump straight up into the air. It still makes me laugh thinking about it.

We live in an amazing area (feel free to remind me of this in a few months when it's -10°, and snow is piled 6 feet high).

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Carol said...

Wow, looked like you guys had the perfect camping spot. You DO live in a beautiful area for sure.