Monday, December 14, 2009

The Mama Files: The Gingerbread Man.

I wish I was a mushier person (I'm totally blaming it on growing up with only brothers).
I read these blogs where ladies are saying all these nice, heart felt things about their husbands. And all I can think is: Marc and I just work together.

Sure we have fun and truly enjoy each other's company. And see eye to eye on important things. But I feel silly talking about it.

We also hate each other's music and movie tastes, which turns into a game of trying to find some common ground...somewhere. And I love the fact that we've learned to love watching sports together. Not to mention that we have 3 adorable children with bits and pieces of each of us all mushed together in them. But who (other than me) cares about that?
Maybe I'd feel confident talking about how he's an amazing father and has a strong conviction to teach our children biblical truths. Or how he's willing to put in as much time as is required to make sure that his ideas are biblically founded.

Or maybe you'd care to know that I cannot wait for the said children to grow up, so I can have their dad all to myself. :-)

My husband is amazing! (He'd be completely embarrassed that I told you, which I also love!)

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