Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thinking in Themes

Lately I've been asked to do some decorating and this got me thinking. I am such a theme thinker. If someone can give me a theme I can usually come up with something. It's just how my mind works. I have 3 events I'm decorating for in the near future, so my mind/creativity is going about a mile a minute. I thought maybe my bloggy friends would like to see some of my "work", here's some pictures from a wedding i did last fall:

This was actually extremely fun to decorate for. It was my first western themed wedding (and not a daisy in sight!!!). My decorating tends to be on the simpler side, I love clean lines and can't stand clutter. However, because the front of our church is so large and empty I really have to put a lot into it so that it shows up. Man I love doing weddings. It's just something I really enjoy. I love taking basically nothing and turning it into something beautiful.

My BIL Nate just got engaged. I hope I get to decorate for them....we shall see.

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Carol said...

That looked like a great wedding! What new themes are you working on now? Nate is getting married? How old is he. Funny I remember everyone being teens and I know their not. Hahaha