Monday, August 3, 2009

Polar Extreme

I'm truly awed by our church's VBS program. It has to be one of the best in this area. I can't even believe the talents God has given our church body. In our midst we have:
a ventriloquist
a music team (guitar, keyboard, & bass fiddle)
some extremely hilarious actors (dry humor + slap stick= really funny)
a puppet team
and a whole slew of people who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and show at least 100 kids (and adults) each night that fun and God definitely do mix!
not even mentioning all of the artistry and imagination everyone used to transform a hot July week into something really "cool".

I really can't get over it! There isn't any other event our church puts on that our WHOLE church participates it, and that runs like such a well oiled machine (that has to be God). Now I haven't heard a number on how many people were saved. But I do know that in Leia's class there were over 30 kids most nights and I didn't recognize a lot of them. So I'm thinking even if they don't understand Jesus' sacrifice this year there is a foundation laid for possible future fruition. So anyway I'm amazed and excited. I hope we see a massive growth in our church and God's family in the very near future.

The End.

[more pics coming soon]

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