Saturday, August 15, 2009

They're Back! dun, dun, dun.

Our 2 eldest have returned to us all tan, excited, exhausted, and generally adorable! From what I hear Leia missed her little brother more than any of us. Upon seeing him when she drove up she said; "oh Grandma, i forgot Gaius had curly hair." And I'm quite certain that we probably wouldn't have even gotten a phone call yesterday except for the fact that Leia "couldn't remember what Gaius' voice sounded like". Xavier being much older and dignified :-) wasn't quite as verbally affectionate, but I'm pretty sure he's happy to be back too! So all is right in our world again! We're all back together safe and sound! And Gaius can stop torturing the dog.

On a semi-unrelated note. We ARE hosting a Fresh Air Fund child next week. His name is Jahmel and he is 6.

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