Friday, June 4, 2010


I wanted to leave you a little entry to hold you for the week. But my mind is going about a mile a minute and I keep jumping from subject to subject.

what do we need for camping --> almost completed, beautiful bedroom --> baby --> not following the pregnancy rules because I REALLY want to eat a sub (listeria, bah!)--> packing for camping --> why won't my bedroom floor dry? --> I'm hungry --> I really need to go jump in the shower --> better do some more laundry --> gotta get stuff ready to donate the the PCS garage sale --> need to run to the bank --> I'm tired --> gotta add bug spray to the camping list -->

So I'll just leave you with the very best highlights

1. THANKFULLY we aren't crazy enough to camp too far away from home, so if we do forget something we can come back for it.

2. My bedroom is fabulous and almost picture ready (I'm afraid you'll have to wait to see when i get back next week).

3. The baby seems to be doing great, jumping around like crazy.


and that's about it! See ya next week!


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