Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pregnancy [Not So] Super Powers!

Nightmares- Lots and lots of them! I had 3 , crazy, morbid ones the other night that I don't want to talk about.

Bending from the waist- Seriously. It's not happening!

Waddling- this is by far my least favorite! Thankfully, I don't *think* I've gotten to that stage yet. But my days are surely numbered.

Brain Freeze- No i don't mean the fun ones you get from drinking a Slushie too fast (Yum! Cherry Slushies!). I mean the fact that my brain literally has shut down and everything I do is basically on auto-pilot.

O.L.B.S.- Old Lady Bladder Syndrome. This baby LOVES to camp out on my bladder. I'm not impressed!

Cravings- Mine are not extremely weird, just very specific. This has been my Frosted Mini Wheats pregnancy. I have to eat a bowl of FMW every morning. But if they are even the slightest bit soggy then I can't eat them. I can't bare to drink the sugary milk left in the bottom of the bowl either.

Drawing a Crowd- Or rather, personal questions from complete strangers. Let's just say I know a whole lot more about my UPS guy then I ever thought I would.

"Minor Annoyances"- There's no such thing to a pregnant woman! You're either annoyed or your not and 85% of the time you are!

There's plenty more but they get a little personal. So I'll just save it for the UPS guy! :-)

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