Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ruffle Butts

"Irresistible Ruffles
These 1950s-style diaper covers, one pink, one floral, are ideal for pictures, stealing the show at a party, or just letting her wear around the house if you need cheering up."

I found that little excerpt from the item description comical and wanted to share! BTW I do think they are super cute (but totally not worth $65).

I had an appointment today. I ended up going to the wrong office (oops!) but they thankfully squeezed me in anyway.
All is going well! The baby is head down and ready to go (But not for another 4 weeks, at least, young lady or man!!!).
I'm measuring right on and I only gained 1 pound! (I could live with only gaining 3 more lbs this pregnancy!)

Marc has informed me that he "can't get excited about any baby name at this point". So I guess that means I get to pick one out all by myself *insert evil laugh*. Looks like I'll need to throw the baby name book into my hospital bag. :-) Remind me again why I thought it would be more fun to not find out our baby's gender so we can pick out 2 names? :-)


Abby Brown said...

The ruffle butts are so cute. The description is pretty hilarious. This pregnancy of yours seemed to go by so fast. I still feel like its yesterday when Marc called me and told me. Maybe we can come right away to see the baby! That is if we don't have to work.

joven said...

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