Friday, December 31, 2010

What.A.Day. *2 actually*

In the last 48 hours...

I have sat in 6 different waiting rooms.
Learned how to collect urine on an infant (TMI?).
Saw first hand the oddest medical contraption ever. It looked like a school wood shop project.
Eaten WAY too much fast food.
Held my daughter down 3 times while people poked her with needles.
Held back tears successfully 5 times.
Held back tears unsuccessfully 2 times.
Scraped poop out of a diaper with a tongue depressor.
Fed my daughter 21 oz of formula.
Laughed when Sho giggled while the ultrasound wand was "tickling" her belly.
Watched as my baby captured the attention of 4 different waiting room "audiences" (old men really love her).
And have ZERO answers so far.

Sho's 4 month check up was yesterday, it didn't go so well. She only weighed barely 9 lbs, so they've been running a whole battery of tests on her. So far everything is checking out fine except that her Liver Count is really high and they can't figure out why. We've been supplementing (a.k.a. force feeing) her formula to try to get her weight to go up. I'm praying things stabilize in the next couple days/weeks and we don't have to be admitted to the hospital for more testing. She is doing really well and is acting her normal happy, smiley self. I think I'm more traumatized then her. Please pray for us if you think of it.
And that's that.

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