Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Prayer From a Four Year Old

"Dear Lord,
Thank you for my mommy.
Thank you for my daddy.
Thank you for myself. *giggle*
Thank you for Xavy.
Thank you for Leia.
Thank you for Rooie (the dog).
Thank you for Shoshannah.
Thank you for Shoshannah's *something I couldn't understand* *giggle*
Thank you for my stuffed animals. Amen."

Daily Nuggets:
  • Shoshannah finds slap-stick humor HILARIOUS!
  • Leia can be bribed with Frosties! I sent her to bed with a tissue and the drive to get her loose tooth out. (It looks completely disgusting right now, because it's so loose it's sticking straight out).
  • My kids came up with a game tonight. It's called "Dance Tag". It's kind of genius! Move over Bieber!
  • I'm so over winter! Here comes another snow storm.
  • Xavier started the Hardy Boys series. Eighty-plus books should keep him busy for a would think.
  • Chub has brought back to "the pack" a whole deer spine and a head. It's gross.


Anonymous said...
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Edie Mindell said...

I love your 4-year old's prayer. It's full of thanking God. Such a sweet prayer coming from a 4-year old child.:-)