Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mama Physics

A baby without a diaper will always leave a puddle.

A perfectly cleaned house is only clean until the kids get home.

What goes in must come various ways.

The only sure things in life: dishes and laundry

The car and house are never quite big enough.

All Santa leaves for mom on Christmas morning is more clutter.

The glass is neither half empty or half full, it's overflowing onto the floor.

One can never judge how many paper towels to buy.

Late to bed WAY too early to rise

When in doubt call Grandma.

Public temper tantrums are not easily avoided.

Quiet house equals trouble.

Children in footed pajamas put a smile on every face.

Someone wets the bed the night after the sheets are changed.

When the laundry is clean and fold it will always tumble onto the floor.


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