Sunday, November 30, 2008

The whirlwind to come

We're getting ready to start one crazy week.

Here take a peek.

monday- school, errands, normal monday stuff

tuesday- Xavier to speech, art class, the boys to grandma's, the girls to gingerbread house making night at church.

wednesday- school all day and wednesday night prayer meeting

thrusday- speech, school, get a christmas tree, lydia's birthday party

friday- school, marc and Xav out to bww and shopping for birthday supplies, korleen, leia, and gauis work at grandma's, then possibly dinner at grandma's

saterday- get ready for the coolest 6 year old's 7th birthday party! have the party (with make your own hot dog bar, pie eatting contest, homemade movie theater, and more), get ready for church the next morning, colapse at home.

So that's the schedule, I hope we all survive it.

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