Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Words from The Backseat

Here's a conversation I got to ease drop on from the driver's seat.

Xavier- Brandon do you know what a crush is?

Brandon- it's when you break something into little pieces

Xavier- No not that kind of a crush, a crush like  when you like someone. I like Abby S...

Brandon- you mean you like to run around pretending to shoot her?

Xavier- no i mean when i see her i have to pinch my arm so that i don't look at her.

Brandon- i don't know what you are talking about

Xavier- Oh nevermind.


Shelly said...

oh ha ha ho ho!
that is stinkin' hilarious!

Carol said...

OMy goodness that is too funny!!!! You have to scrap that. Take a pic of them sitting back there and add their conversation on the page! I wish would have written down those kinds of things.

Dawn Seevers said...

You can tell X hangs out with older kids and Brandon doesn't! Got to love those older aunts and uncles! lol