Monday, December 8, 2008

The Gingerbreads make gingerbread

Leia and i made this gingerbread house last week. It was a lot of fun! Leia decorated a snowflake cookie and one side of our house. While making her cookie she would take bites out of the candy and then add it. So we have a snowflake (lawn ornament) with half eaten Tootsie roll pillars on it. It made me laugh. She's such a character lately. Having kids is so entertaining!


Carol said...

Hi Korleen, It's the Annanie's down here in Maryland. Vicki told me about your blog. I have one too. Just click on my name. (I think) I love your gingerbread house. Ahhhhhh, sigh..... memories!

Carol said...

Maybe not.
Try this one.:0