Thursday, December 11, 2008

Xavier's 7th Birthday

Pie Eating Contest: $10


After (the one in the red and white shirt, Xavier, and the one in the pink where the 3 winners)

"Chubby Bunny":$3
Birthday Cake: $10

Presents: $???

Watching a Movie on the big screen at church($4.79)
Make your own hotdog bar ($40)
Having no one throw up: Priceless


Bali said...

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Shelly said...

haha oh my word--pie eating contest? priceless! how fun!!

Carol said...

Love that tag line!!! After reading this I was thinking the same thing. How did you make that popcorn cake???? Cute!

korleen said...

it's yellow and white mini marshmallows, cut in half an then stuck back together. I can't believe how realistic it looked.