Thursday, April 9, 2009

THRL News Update:

Our last (hopefully for the spring) batch of snow is melting quite nicely!

Xavier will be discharged from speech therapy at the end of this school year!!!! (YAY!!!) I don't think I've ever mentioned that he's been going into the local public school for speech therapy twice a week for the past 2 years. And although it's been a really great experience overall it still cuts out a rather large chunk of our school time. It'll be nice to not have to schedule that in next year, especially since I'll be teaching 2, eeek! (No idea how that's going to work)!

Gaius is asking, pleading, begging me to let him "go potty". I so don't want to be potty training again. I keep resisting just because he's my baby and the whole process is such an ordeal that I just want to put it off for a while longer (see this is what happens when you have 3 kids). But I think I've decided that the training will begin this summer and hopefully be over before September...we shall see.

I'm getting a minivan! It's nothing special, just an older one that my in-laws have hanging around. But it'll be nice to have some extra room and a defroster that works consistently. 

And last but not least! The snow is melting (am i repeating myself?) :-), the sun is shining, and our road is dry so I can get back to my running regiment! (woohoo!)

And I think that completes today's installment. What's up with you?


Shelly said...

oh, double yay for spring! isn't it wonderful!!!?

ooo and yay for a minivan! we're going to have to upgrade this year to something along those lines b/c i just can't see us squishing three car seats in my geo prizm =)

Carol said...

Thats awsome about the van! It makes such a difference.