Thursday, April 30, 2009

Food for Thought (I will trade these thoughts for... a cup of swiss miss sugarfree pudding)

So I think the blogging hiatus is over. I finished my book series this morning so now life as i once knew it can return to normal. And the gingerbread house is very ready, I've neglected it for far too long. However, since summer is usually a very busy time for me with lots of extra responsibilities, i wouldn't hold my breath for too many entries if I were you. Sorry.

I ran my first softball practice for our church league the other day. I think it went well. i didn't even hear too many complaints about the laps I made them run. Speaking of running....I ran 10 miles throughout last week! And even made Xavier run 2 of them with me. He did pretty well, he ran out of steam after about a mile and a half. But i was still pretty impressed with him. Marc has been running as well (hm...I wonder if that makes us a running family?), which motivates me to run even more. We don't go together because I could never keep up with his pace. (My leg is literally the same length as his arm). Plus we have to take turns watching the kids. I think if I keep up my regiment I'll end up being able to out last him though. Did you know that humans are the only mammals that can run an animal to death? It's true, or at least that's what Nova said...don't worry Marc doesn't believe me either. God actually created us for running with built in air conditioners and all, pretty amazing!

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