Monday, April 20, 2009

Mama Files

So I've been neglecting the Internet lately (sorry fantasy baseball, facebook, twitter, blogger, etc.).

 A lot has been going on but nothing to really report on (only my other mommy friends might understand this statement).  I got my van last's nice I guess, but I'm totally not feeling very cool while driving it (but while driving an old lady buick i managed to keep my coolness intact? Go figure!). Oh well, i guess convenience and space trump coolness.  

My kids are still being hilarious but i don't have the time or memory to chronicle everything. Sometimes I think I should just set up a nanny cam so that you all could get a better perspective on how cute/amazing/adorable my children are. But then the down side would be that you all  would experience how truly weird our little family is....the joking, the butt kicking in Guitar Hero, the piggyback rides through our tiny house...and that's just me and Marc. Sometimes I worry about how our children are going to turn out being surrounded by all this nerdiness...ha! somehow i think they'll survive! 

So anyhow here's my blog about nothing...ENJOY!  

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