Saturday, May 9, 2009

GB House Renovations (a.k.a. Why I've been AWOL)

Marc took a week of vacation last week, and finally solve the hot water pressure mystery we've had for about a year now. So $178 later we are finally able to really enjoy the cool shower head i got for my birthday last year! AND I can now rinse dishes better so they don't taste like dish soap and rinse the shampoo out of my children's hair! Sadly it didn't fix the steps.

Over the winter we applied for a 'Weatherization Grant" from our county to help cut our heating costs next winter. So this week we've had some contractors here putting in new doors and insulating our house! The doors look/work a lot better! And I'm anxious to see our fuel bill relect it.

And schedule is out of control. I have WAY too much on my plate right now. Here's a run down of my next 6 weeks or so.

Sunday- Church x2
Monday- Schooling, regular monday stuff, softball practice
Tuesday- Art Class, regular tuesday stuff, T-ball game
Wednesday- Schooling, regular wednesday stuff, T-ball practice, church
Thursday- Schooling, regular thursday stuff, T-ball game
Friday- Schooling, work at my Mom's daycare
Saturday- depends on the week-This week: softball practice, decorate for a banquet, and getting groceries at some point (not sure when yet)

So yeah...I can't wait for more of my family members to join sports and have to throw that into the mix *sarcasm*.

Whew!!! Here we go...

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