Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So today while I was teaching Xavier how to hit a ball out of the air, I came to a realization. Perhaps I'm better equip to mother boys. I mean I'd LOVE to have a little sister for Leia, and dress another baby all up in pink. But honestly, I love little boys! Their antics crack me up, and I love the fact that you can just tell them how it is and they accept it (most of the time). I would LOVE to "have a whole baseball team" (well maybe just the infield). Not to mention the cattiness, cliques, and general drama that comes along with girls. Yikes! Not looking forward to going through that again. I'll leave you today with a new favorite quote.

"I'm a weird girl. Because, I like to do things that boys like to do"-Leia (who also loves to wear dresses, make up, and anything girlie)

*Disclaimer: Your views and opinions definitely don't have to reflect mine. This is just one "weird girl's" opinion. PLUS I'm conditioning myself for the chance that this baby could be a boy. So that I'll be okay with it. :-)* <-----Ha! that little smiley looks like it has a goatee! (Sorry, had to throw that in). The End.

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