Monday, September 6, 2010

1 Week

First few shots of our baby girl!
Xavier wanted to compare her with this stuffed toy he got for her. It's head is bigger than Shoshannah's!
This is my favorite picture of her!
Ready to come home from the hospital. (BTW these little socks are AMAZING, they stay on!)

I love my new little baby daughter! And my big baby daughter is completely adorable with her! All Shoshannah's days are spent being passed from family member to family member. Gaius likes to hold her for 30 second intervals throughout the day while the older 2 are content to hold her for as long as she's content. Sho is my first baby that will settle with just the sound of my voice. In fact she was screaming and screaming upon arriving in the O.R. but when they finally brought her over to me and I spoke she quieted right down. It makes me feel a little bit powerful and a lot bit
I'd also like to thank anyone who prayed or thought of me last Monday. I could honestly feel it! I went in and was perfectly calm the whole time, which completely surprised me. The recovery hasn't been too awful, except for some water retention.

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Shelly said...

God bless you and your new little one and the rest of your not-so-little ones!