Monday, September 27, 2010

Week: 4

I can't believe it's been almost a month already. Time is flying, as usual. At times it feels like we've always been a family of six and then other times it feels so new.

Last week was....difficult.
Shoshannah would not sleep or be happy at all during the day unless I (and only me) was holding her. Thank goodness Marc was still on leave or my poor house/other children/self confidence would have really gone to shambles. So far this week has been better already. I figured out a little trick for her that is frowned upon now days (belly sleeping *gasp*), but we're in survival mode right now. I NEED to be able to do a few things, like eat and shower, without a baby in my arms.

I'm anxious for Thursday to see how big Sho is getting. She has started out-growing a couple things and can almost fill out 0-3 months stuff now. She also will smile when daddy kisses her with his beard or makes funny noises at her! I can't wait for when she really starts responding to people around her (2 more weeks?).

The other kids are still learning about having a newborn around. They can't help themselves but to touch or kiss her if she is within their general vicinity. There was also a rather scary moment yesterday when Gaius decided he was going to pick her up by himself. It ended with me coming to the rescue and tears being shed by all. No one was hurt and a lesson was learned (I hope).

I'm going caffeine free. Which was absolute torture this morning!!! Also, Diet Coke just isn't the same without caffeine. I'm looking forward to going back on South Beach and fitting back into my favorite jeans. I have all my maternity stuff in a pile ready to be photographed and listed on I just need the motivation.

And that is all.

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