Monday, September 20, 2010

The Name Game: The Finale

Hannah is not a nickname for Shoshannah.

I mean come on! If you're going to exert the energy to pronounce Hannah you might as well say the whole name! ****Whew! Okay I just had to get that off my chest****

Remember my list of criteria for naming our child? Let's see how Shoshannah adds up?

1. Blends with my other kids' names

2. Fits with our last name

3. Not in the top 100 baby names in the US
Check Check

4. Not too "out there"
Check (or at least in my book)

5. Pretty/ Strong (pretty for a girl, strong for a boy)

6. Works for a child or adult

7. Starts with a different letter than my other kids

8. Has a nice meaning ( I guess that omits Jezebel) :-)

9. No common nicknames
Hm...yes and no.

10. No weird initials

11. Easy to pronounce (spelled phonetically)
Kind of, WE pronounce it phonetically. But some don't

12. No weird spellings

In case you wanted to know the story of Sho's name. Here it is:
Marc wanted to name her Shoshannah and I wanted to name her either Esme or Charis (pronounced KAR-is). But because of stupid pop culture and Twilight I decided that I couldn't saddle my child with the name Esme. So the Thursday before Sho's birth we decided it was either going to be Shoshannah Charis or Charis Shoshannah. However, on our way to the hospital Marc brought up that he really wanted to name her Shoshannah Korleen. So for about a hour or so after Sho was born we couldn't decide which middle name. I finally made the final decision to give her my name since I think it'll be the last chance i have to pass my name on. And that's how Shoshannah Korleen came to be! Oh and if she happened to be a boy her name would've been Zion Thomas. Although the boy's name was MY choice I'm still really glad she ended up being a girl! :-)

The End.

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