Wednesday, October 20, 2010

trying not to be SO! STINKIN'! EXCITED!

We're looking at a house! It's huge and the location is perfect, as well as the price! I feel like this house has been brought to us by God. Which is completely amazing!

A woman at our church came to me, out of the blue, a couple weeks ago and asked if we were looking for a larger house. We really weren't. But she told me about her mother-in-law's house. So I took the information to Marc, not really expecting that he would even consider it. A few days past and he didn't say a word about it, so I figured he didn't feel we should look into it. Then 2 days later he was talking to my parents about it all excited like. We found out the location and did a drive by! It's sort of perfect (well at least from the outside). It definitely has colonial vibes which I LOVE. It has tons of space, and a good sized yard. We're going to go and look at the inside on either Friday or Saturday, and I'm trying SO hard not to get my hopes up.
Get this: it has enough rooms so that none of my kids would have to share!!! Xavier's prayer may be getting answered!

I've been praying fervently that God would make whether or not we should buy it abundantly clear and work out every little detail. Because we don't know how to sell a house or really even buy one. The Gingerbread House kind of just fell into our laps 7 years ago in a completely unconventional way. But that's another story for an another day.

If you would, please pray for us as we decide what to do. And, of course, stay tuned!

P.S. We haven't told our kids about how seriously we're looking at it yet. But Xavier is on to us, because he's "not deaf and blind mom!" Ha! I love that kid!

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