Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Favs

I stole this from my friend shelly. Mostly because my brain is fried and I can't come up with anything clever of my own.

3 Favorite TV Shows
1. Community
2. Glee
3. Modern Family (with The Middle coming in a very close 4th)

3 Favorite Movies Of All Time
1. The Very Thought of You
2. Life with Mikey
3. My Girl

3 Favorite Songs (at the moment)
1. Animal- Neon Trees
2. Anything Owl City
3. Brightest- Copeland

3 Favorite Stores to Shop at
1. Amazon
2. American Eagle (best jeans ever!)
3. Target

3 Favorite Thing About My Husband
1. His eyelashes (long and dark! Not fair!) :-)
2. His convictions, and his willingness to stand behind them
3. His wife! :-) Ha! I'm sorry I couldn't resist. His mind, he's my walking encyclopedia!

3 Favorite Holidays
1. Thanksgiving!
2. Labor Day
3. Christmas

3 Favorite Chores
1. Folding Laundry
2. Washing Laundry
3. Sweeping my new kitchen floor

3 Least Favorite Chores
1. Cleaning the shower
2. Dusting
3. Washing dishes

3 Favorite Things to Nom
1. Gayle Benedict's Chocolate Cake
2. Cajun Seafood Pasta
3. Coke Zero

3 Favorite Childhood Activities
1. Playing backyard baseball
2. Attach and Ambush
3. Making up dance routines for various songs with my friends and "preforming" them on my parents closed pop up trailer.

3 Favorite Current Activities
1. Running
2. Sewing
3. Camping

3 Things I am thankful for:
1. My Jesus
2. My little family (referring to age not actual size)
3. 4-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep nightly, on a fairly regular basis.

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