Thursday, May 5, 2011

The great World Wide Web

I thought maybe you would like to see what websites I check everyday

Woot -Also woot kids, there's a link to it on woot.

Babysteals -There's also links to kidsteals and scrapbooksteals on this site.

Facebook -because it's one of my main sources of communication. Sad? I don't know. Seems kind of the norm now days.

Maybe Matilda -This one makes me want to dig out my sewing machine everyday.

Remodelaholic -So many ideas, so little gingerbread house.

Yahoo -Email...and actually their little news reel thingy always gets me so I end up reading random things like star gossip or current events. *how else am I supposed to know "who wore it best"?*

Blogger -Sometimes to write something, sometimes to check comments, always to read various blogs I enjoy.

Youtube -I usually end up watching it for various tutorials that I love watching. Or listening to music.

Pandora -I go on here when I have a sink full of dirty dishes to wash.

The end. :-)

1 comment:

Sherri said...

For some reason you have "" in front of your link's url so most of them are not working.