Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whoo-Hoo Wednesday!

Korleen's thoughts on packing
  • I'm SOOOO glad I'm not pregnant this May!
  • Marc says- Oh, just throw stuff in a box and move it to the other house, no biggie!
  • Beth (Marc's sister) says- Label every box as clearly as possible, for example Garage Left Corner and list what's in the box.
  • I think I'm going with the woman who has moved at least 7 times (I've lost count) in her 5 years of marriage
  • When someone asks you for rights to their well, and you have no use for it anyway, just let them have it! (okay, I know this doesn't really pertain to packing. But it's a good life lesson anyway).
  • We have a lot of stuff.
  • Marc and I agree- This is the last time we're moving ever! (We'll see if God has the same plans).

We only have a tentative closing date so far, so I could be jumping the gun a little. However, it's pretty much a sure thing. Our new well only needs to pass a water test (the old well passed with flying colors, figures!). But the buyer is very cooperative so I think they will work with us even if it doesn't pass the first time.

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Dawn said...

Congrats on the sale of your house! Can't wait to see the new house! :-)