Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Mama Files: Paint

So I have ideas coming out my ears for the new house.
***Hurry up lawyers!***
I'm a person who can visualize things very very easily (it was passed down to me from my mother). In my head I have my first 2 smallish painting projects all figured out and I am itching to get in there and get to work (instead of this boring job of sorting and packing boxes).
Have I mentioned I'm very goal oriented and not very patient?! :-)
I WAS thinking about painting the dining room beige, don't worry I came to my senses before any paint was purchased! I don't want to ruin all my fun (the big reveal!), but I will tell you this; one room is going to be purple and one orange! :-) Are you scared?! Now don't give me that "you're painting what black?!" look! You'll see, it'll be great! I can't wait to show could be a while though. (Sigh) Hurry up lawyers! I'm ready to move!

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