Friday, July 22, 2011

Holy Hot Weather!

(photo by: Leia)

Not that I'm really complaining, it's been sort of fun going swimming at least once a day all week. It's funny how your priorities change when it's 102° out. :-)

Leia turned 7 yesterday. She's pretty excited about it. We gave her a camera for her birthday. Actually we gave her my old camera, I figured it made more sense because we already had the extra battery, sd card, and camera bag. Plus if she drops it down the stairs it won't matter as much. She loves it, she's been taking pictures of everything (174 pictures to be exact)! She's funny too because she wants to know what every little setting is. I also saw her with Shoshannah on her lap showing her what all the buttons mean. It made me smile. I love how kids take pictures of the most random things. Like the TV, or our kitchen food cupboard. :-) Who knows maybe I have a budding photog on my hands.

We have our very first birthday party in our house tomorrow. It's exciting and a little stressful. I'm ready to get this baby (the house) jacked up so I can start on some of my painting projects. Oh yeah, and my bedroom is still mostly in boxes..I should really get to that soon too. I've decided I want to learn how to tile. I want to lay a tile floor in the kitchen and upstairs bathroom. I have a friend who knows how I'll have to ask her for lessons. We'll see.


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