Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things I'm still getting used to:
  • Tall ceilings. Reaching things without a stool has been a normal part of life for well 10 years, not anymore.
  • A zillion stairs. I never understood why people wanted an upstairs and downstairs changing table. However, after hauling my 20# baby Sho up and down the stairs several times a day I now understand. It's a workout!
  • Having neighbors. So far I've met the man who lives straight across from us and his landlady who lives next door to him. Both are very nice. But on our first night here a neighbor had a party which ended in a huge fight and the police coming. :-/
  • Not being able to hear every little thing that is going on in the house. Which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because now my night-shift working husband can get some uninterrupted sleep. A curse because now I can't just yell to my kids I actually have to go and get them to talk to them.
  • That this big beautiful house is really ours!

Now onto organizing Gaius' room, also known as the "toy room". If I don't post in a few days, send out a search team. :-) Just kidding!

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Carol said...

Loving all the detail pictures! I like old houses too.