Monday, September 8, 2008

I Double Dare you....

To spend a day in a mother's shoes.

here's a run down of my day:

8:00- wake up to 3 children yelling at the top of their lungs from upstairs
8:05- reprimand 3 children for yelling while the rest of the house is asleep
8:06- make breakfast for 3 children & 1 dog
8:30- clean up from breakfast
8:35- tell older 2 children to get dressed
8:38- get baby dressed & tell older 2 children to get dressed
8:40- take dog out (outside, not on a date)
8:42- tell older 2 children to "hurry up and get dressed. this is the last time I'm telling you"
9:00- start school
9:03- baby is sick of coloring and wants to climb all over mommy/teacher
9:05- teach phonics while baby cries at the teacher's feet
9:15- turn on Dora the explorer to entertain the younger 2 so we can get at least phonics and math done this morning.
9:45- finish phonics and math *whew*
9:48- check on younger 2 (the living room is WAY too quiet)
9:50- set up oldest with handwriting
9:51- take a shower
10:06- take out trash
10: 10- throw in a load of laundry
10:18- hose off/clean a toy outside

okay so this is where I start losing track of time.

Sometime between about 10:30am and right now (11pm) I've:

Taught Reading, Health, & Bible
made a skirt
cooked dinner
made lunch
washed dishes
took apart and put away the crib *wipes a tear*
did 3 loads of laundry
got groceries (with 3 kids in tow)
took care of groceries
prepared a crock pot meal for tomorrow
got 3 kids ready and tucked into bed
watched an episode of Party of Five
checked out face book

and now.....(drum roll please)......wrote a blog

*sigh* no wonder i'm tired

So what'd you do today?


Shelly said...

you ROCK!

We are said...

aw thanks. unfortunately almost every day since has been just as busy.