Friday, September 26, 2008

The [not so] terrible twos

Why does one of my favorite ages get such a bad wrap? Now since this will be my 3rd time going through this phase I obviously know all about the tantrums and curiosity and general busy-ness that goes along with it. but yet I still find myself loving the silly antics and reckless abandon that my (close to) 2 year old partakes in everyday.

I love that Gaius is becoming aware of the world around him and remembering things. Today he came up to me with our Annie DVD in hand and started sing "Tomorrow" to me. `Also 2 days ago he started calling me "mommy" instead of just ma. I know these aren't all that amazing to the normal person. But I know that's showing some major cognitive development (uh-oh my child psychology classes are showing).

I adore when my kids start becoming slightly more independent (and consistently sleeping through the night), but still want to cuddle some everyday. At 2 everything is so new and exciting, but a kiss from mom can heal all kinds of ailments. At 2 you don't have to sit and entertain them either. Because lets face it the coolest toy they've ever seen is a stick that could potentially poke out an eye. You do have to run around after them since they have no fear yet, but don't we all want to get fit anyway? I wonder how many calories toddler chasing burns?

Hello my name is Korleen and I'm a mom who loves the twos

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