Thursday, January 8, 2009

In a Fickle

So looking at my last post it would appear that I really want a baby. However, today i realized I'm okay with 3 for now. I actually don't really want to have any more kids right away. There's certain things that need to happen first. One being getting a larger vehicle- that is a necessity, the little ford focus is maxed out quite literally. And at the moment we're pretty focused on getting our debt paid down before we consider adding anymore. And although God is all powerful and a mini van (or something similar in size) is nothing for Him. It kind of needs to appear before He blesses us with another baby (a girl please!). So what you witnessed yesterday was me after i just finished looking at my 2007 scrapbook. I'm actually VERY content with our sweet little family of 5.


Carol said...

I saw you from a distance on Sunday!!! I wanted to come hug my 1 and only bloggy follower.

The Gingerbreads said...

aw i know! i saw the back of your head too! And I was telling marc on the ride home that i was mad because I didn't get a chance to come and tell you hi. Did you get a lot scrapbooking done? I'm working on mine for last year right now. I went to We B Scraping for the first time this weekend. Ever been there? It's amazing!