Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What an angel?

(This post is for the B-mans)

Man, this child is cute. But what a curious little imp. Here's a run down of today's events.

Clean the living room to find someone (not to mention any names) had "decorated" my wall with the loveliest shades of green, blue and red crayon.

Lock (I guess barricade is a nicer word) the children in the living room so that i can take a quick shower.  Come out to Gaius pulling half of the tape off of the roll.

Leave for art. While Gaius (this one's on daddy's watch) shredded and threw a roll of toilet paper into a bucket of water I had a shirt soaking in, in the bathroom. And yes the shirt was soaking because Gaius decided to literally wipe all of the tomatoes from his dinner plate down the front of him.

Return from art with Gaius chatting away from his bedroom where I guess he refused to sleep for marc. I go up to check on him and he has every toy in reach thrown in the center of his room. Plus ripped apart his brothers bean bag chair and strewn the contents all over the place.

Now, mind you I'm all for discovery and testing the limits a little,  he is almost 2. But today was a little much. Perhaps some more childproofing is in order.

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