Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sometimes I wonder about our youngest

He's hilarious! Today he figured out how to make this low raspy noise deep in his throat. And since he got a laugh out of it once he's been going around all morning making it and laughing.

At our house the computer is in the living room near the couch so Marc can recline while going on-line (not exactly the best set up in my opinion, but whatever). So we have a cordless keyboard that you hold on your lap. Gaius has started sneaking up beside me, whipping the keyboard off my lap, jumping on my lap, and saying "Helwo". It'd be pretty cute except for the fact that I'm usually in the middle of typing (I'm blogging her man!), and i have to retrieve the keyboard from the floor. But really who can't love a baby who loves his Mama so much?

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