Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starve a Fever...

Things you should never do when you are trying to starve off a case of "baby fever" (which is strangely similar to beaver fever).

1. Hold tiny newborn babies (especially if they are related to you and resemble your child).

2. Look through newborn pictures of your other children.

3. Get several nights in a row of uninterrupted sleep.

4. Realize that your 2nd youngest is almost ready for kindergarten.

5. Pick out names for your next child.

6. Look at baby clothes- on-line, in the store, or in the totes you have stored away in the basement (I actually haven't gone as far as dig out our stored baby clothes, i'm not that desperate).

I'm just saying..


Shelly said...

ack! i'm in the same boat =)

Carol said...

Gotta keep the Steele name going!!!! "wink"