Monday, May 3, 2010

Coming Out The Other Side [of the weekend]

And it's Monday again.

Weekends are, in general, very hectic for us. I took a 3 day break from scraping border to go to Little League opening day,
finish the baby's quilt,
work on our church's new website,
get groceries (which requires a 45 minute drive to a decent size super market),
and attend church.

However, here's a couple breakthroughs from this weekend
a. In my mind we're set on the baby's name (both boy and girl)! I haven't told Marc what the girl's name is yet though! ;-)
b. Our stack of baby supplies is growing quite nicely, I got a really cute baby book! And the quilt is cuter than I imagined!
c. Wowsers! My belly is getting big! This is seriously a revelation to me! Normally I'm a very observant person, but I guess that doesn't apply to my own appearance. My belly button is really starting to flatten out.
d. Xavier and Leia felt the baby kick last night (during church)
e. The weather is HOT! Which I sort of like at the moment since it'll warm up the lake for camping in June.

and that's it!

Hopefully by next weekend I can report that the border is completely down. And my annual yard sale-ing day with my mom was very successful!

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