Monday, May 31, 2010

Update part 2

The disgusting orange carpet is out! Unfortunately it's just a boring sub floor underneath. I was kind of hoping for planks so it wouldn't be so dull, oh well. It'll be perfect when we put in laminate flooring later! I do actually have an idea for painting it! But it would require an extra 24 hours of drying time, which we don't have (boo!). I think I might wait and do it when we get back from camping. This coming week looks to be completely nuts now. I wasn't actually planning on re-doing the floor this weekend. But...Someone else had other plans. I AM happy to see the orange carpet go! It just puts me a day behind where I was hoping to be this week. *sigh* Let the craziness ensue.

And that's my story.

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Summer is here!

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