Monday, May 17, 2010

The Snippets That Wanted To Be A Blog

Here's what's going on.
  • Camping in T-minus 3 weeks!
  • Baseball, baseball, and more baseball
  • Sidewalk chalk drawings are being created on our driveway!
  • School is petering out!
  • People are CRAZY!
  • The border is almost down (so I can obsess over something else. Pregnant women are so OCD)
  • My house is TRASHED!
  • Marc and Xavier are learning how to play the Pokemon card game (ZZZzzzzzz)
  • The giant tree limb that has been sitting in my front yard for months is finally gone!
  • The youngest had a stomach bug which [very] thankfully didn't result in me getting thrown up on, or mess up our schedule too much.
  • We've lived to start another week!

Yes I do realize my blog mostly consist of bullet style and one line entries now days. Some day soon I'll share more, maybe even some pictures, I promise!

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