Friday, August 13, 2010

Ready or Not...

Things are starting to move fast now!!! Well they've actually been moving at the same pace, but you know!
Today Marc wanted me to bring my hospital bag with us to my Dr. visit and it hit me; YIKES I only have 2 more appointments left. I mean I JUST packed my bag THIS WEEK!
Then upon talking to my Dr. today he's thinking of actually pushing the c-section up by a week. Because I went 2 weeks early with Leia and he doesn't want to risk me going into labor and being a hour drive away. That would be 9 days from today. Holy toot!!!! I'm not ready!!! I mean yes I'm uncomfortable and hot. But I haven't even really started nesting or anything yet. I'm definitely not to the point where
"I want this baby out of me, no matter the cost".
In fact surgery really freaks me out. Or at least it has in the past. I'm hoping the anxiety attack (a.k.a. uncontrollable bawlingCheck Spelling) hits at home rather than in front of the panic stricken nurse and anesthesiologist again. Or it could not happen at all, since I'm better prepared (mentally) this time. Yes! Yes! I definitely want to go with the last one. :-)
[insert slow, even, deep breaths here]
So anyway...9 days is so soon and even 16 days is coming fast. This whole procreating is nerve wrecking stuff.


Shelly said...

praying for you friend! this is one aspect of life that practice definitely doesn't make easier! God bless you!

as told by: Korleen said...

thanks! I'm trying to just put it in God's hands and let it go!