Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday's Tidbits

  • I consider myself a patient person, but waiting in the waiting room for more than a hour is ridiculous. And it's happened to me twice recently, at 2 different places. Not cool!!!
  • Youth Soccer starts this week!!!
  • This week seems to be dragging.
  • Marc has taken to his normal paranoid daddy self ( it does tend to happen right around the 37th week). "No honey, I don't think I'm going into labor tonight, or last night, or the night before." :-) But, I still love him!
  • My kids have been extra funny this week! And really good! I never know what to expect when they come home from a week with my parents. This time it has gone very smoothly!
  • I am actually starting to get excited to meet our baby soon, instead of just dreading the surgery/recovery.
  • Just when I think we've almost nailed down a name, one of us decides we haven't. Right now the girl's list is at 3 (I think), and I have no clue about the boy's.
  • My parents want to put in a new kitchen floor for us while we are at the hospital! Right now it's carpet (YES! carpet in a kitchen, not the best idea ), so I'm looking forward to that!
  • I feel like my brain needs a rest from ALL-THINGS-BABY (you know how you get that way late in pregnancy?).
  • We are about to finally get rid of the last piece of bedroom furniture out of our living room! My dad has one of the boys' beds completed! WoooHoo!
And I do believe that's it. Hopefully, I'll have some more exciting news on Thursday!
Happy Tuesday!

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