Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Mama Files: Wish List

I'm finally in the market for a new one of these:
*This is actually the model I want and am hoping my brother-in-law can get me a deal on.*

I haven't had a decent SLR in probably...ever. The one SLR I had, 15 years ago, was used and not really that great. The flash was AWFUL and would cut off half the picture sometimes, but not always, so taking pictures with it was always a crapshoot. I still miraculously manage to get a decent grade in college photography class (thank you Grandpa Bill for an artistic eye).

For the past 6 years I have been using a Kodak EasyShare, however it's on it's last legs and it's limited capabilities are really getting noticeable (especially on our church's website). I'm pretty excited to get a new "toy" and get semi-back into photography.
Well as back as
a mom to 4
who home schools
taxi's kids around
has tons of hobbies and responsibilities
is selling her house
owns 2 dogs
babysits an extra 4 year old
makes home cooked meals
has an infant

can be.

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