Monday, January 17, 2011

Picture Day

I stole borrowed my mom's camera from her house while she was shopping so that I can make her a photo book for her birthday this weekend. Look what I found on it!

We used to regularly babysit my niece Sarah from the time she was a couple months old until she went to Kindergarten. Her and Xavier have had a special bond ever since (they are almost a year apart), in fact I can still see little mostly bald Sarah running as fast as her cute little baby legs would carry her to come and hug Xav every morning. It was super adorable!

The Baby Sho[w]

First time meeting Shoshannah

P.S. They still look at her with the same adoring gazes. It melts my heart!

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Fransisca said...

wooooow, the baby so beautifull :) congratulation ^,^