Thursday, July 2, 2009

I forgot to make a video again today. So instead I'm going to tell you a little story- full of excitement, disappointment, love and heartbreak...okay it's not THAT great of a story.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting packages in the mail! To me it feels like Christmas even though I already know what's in them. There's just something about ordering something and then finally getting, unboxing and seeing for the first time in real life , that excites me.

Well we've recently become Prime members, which means you pay an annual fee and then get free 2 day shipping on as much as you want. So we've taken to buying groceries from Amazon and it makes me wondering: Is getting cereal in the mail going to kill my package receiving buzz? So far we have packages coming to our house everyday until the middle of next week (we spaced out our purchases since HEY WE'RE NOT PAYING FOR SHIPPING). I guess only time will tell...until then if anyone wants to order something from Amazon let me know and I'll hook you up with some free shipping.

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