Friday, July 24, 2009

The Mama Files: Things I wish I didn't stink at.

1. landscaping- i have no vision for it and no idea where to find it.

2. arguing-(debating?) I hate it and I'm horrible at it and all that ends up happening is I get frustrated and start crying, even if I'm right.

3. Yelling-(commanding attention) I do it because I'm a mom to small children but I would seriously almost rather pull out my teeth one by one.

4. cleaning- I probably wouldn't be so bad at it if I actually had the ambition and drive to get it done-I'm working on it.

5. letting go of body fat- I've been dieting and working out for MONTHS and still can't get rid of all of husband joins a gym and within 2 weeks he's firmed up the tiny bit of fat he has.

6. saying no to chocolate- which could explain #5

7. saving money

8. singing

9. training my dog- I'd really like to teach my dog to stay in the yard (see previous post) and to walk on a leash...but I'd also like to potty train my 2 year old.

10. spontaneity- when ever I try to be spontaneous things go terribly wrong

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