Friday, July 10, 2009

Long day...

I drove over a hour (not counting the extra time it took because I was lost 75% of the time) today to get the $70 dollhouse i wanted for Leia for her birthday for $10. I really REALLY hope she adores it.

I remember playing with a dollhouse, that my cousin gave me, constantly from about Leia's age until I was probably at least 10 or 11. It used to sit on a chest at the foot of my mom's bed, I'd have friends over and we'd play and play in there. The house was blue and it even had working lights, that I think broke before I inherited it. It didn't have any matching furniture or dolls or anything, but I made due. Leia's is going to be a little more deluxe than that, but I hope it still invokes all the imaginary play it did for me.

P.S. Her birthday isn't until the 21st so don't tell her.

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