Monday, July 20, 2009

The Sleepover

The Cake:
The Guests:

From left to right: Alicia (5), Grandma Bonnie (ageless), Emma (3), Kendall (5), Leia (4.97), Maggie (7), Sara W. (6), Allie (5), Lauren (6). Absent from phone: Sarah V. (6)

The Gifts:

The Movie:
The Dad Attack:
The after party:

Well we survived! We had 9 girls (counting Leia) ages 3-7. We did have to run home one at 2:30am. But considering there were several that this was their first sleepover I don't think that's bad at all. We also did crafts and painted nails that wasn't photo documented...I needed both hands for those activities.

P.S. Marc whined and complained up and during the party, but I think he secretly enjoyed himself.

P.S.S. The cake has an edible transfer on the top so that's why it looks professional...I am NOT a cake decorator at all (well there i go giving away my secrets).


Renee said...

Maybe Marc was whining because he wanted his nails done too! Lol

Linds said...

Awww, it looks like a lot of fun!!